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Duration FCT: 317 hours

Professional and work environment

People with this professional profile work in public or private entities of any size, both on their own account and on their own, exercising their work in the area of ​​development of multiplatform computer applications in various areas: business and business management, relationships with clients, education, leisure, mobile devices and entertainment, among others; applications developed and implemented in intranet, extranet and Internet environments; implementation and adaptation of business resource planning and customer relationship management systems.

The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following:

  • Develop computer applications for business and business management.
  • Develop general purpose applications.
  • Develop applications in the field of entertainment and mobile computing.

Activity plan

Formation activities:

  1. Related to the management and use of computer systems and development environments, evaluating their requirements and characteristics according to the purpose of use.
    • Work on different computer systems, identifying in each case their hardware, operating systems and installed applications and the restrictions or specific conditions of use.
    • Management of information in different systems, applying measures that ensure the integrity and availability of data.
    • Participation in network resource management identifying existing security restrictions.
    • Use of computer applications to develop, distribute and maintain technical documentation and user assistance.
    • Use of development environments to edit, debug, test and document code, in addition to generating executables.
    • Management of development environments, adding and using specific complements in the different phases of development projects.
  2. Related to participation in the development of applications with access to data, planning the structure of the database and evaluating the scope and impact of transactions.
    • Interpretation of the logical design of databases that ensure accessibility to data.
    • Participation in the materialization of the logical design on a database management system.
    • Use of databases applying techniques to maintain the persistence of information.
    • Execution of direct queries and procedures capable of managing and storing objects and data in the database.
    • Establishing connections with databases to execute queries and recover results in data access objects.
    • Development of forms and reports as part of applications that comprehensively manage the information stored in a database.
    • Verification of the configuration of network services to ensure the safe execution of client-server applications.
    • Preparation of the documentation associated with the management of the databases used and the applications developed.
  3. Related to the participation in the development of games, multimedia applications and applications for mobile devices using the specific tools and languages ​​and complying with the script and the established specifications.
    • Manipulation of multimedia material in multiple formats, analyzing and using specific libraries for the conversion between formats and for the integration of multimedia contents in an application.
    • Participation in the preparation and integration of multimedia materials in an application, following the instructions of the design team.
    • Use and management of specific development environments for applications aimed at mobile devices, as well as environments and engines for game development.
    • Collaboration in the development of interactive applications for mobile devices, based on the management of events and the integration of interactive elements and animations.
    • Verification of the usability of the applications developed, taking part in the changes and necessary measures to meet the required levels.
    • Participation in the development of games and applications in the field of entertainment using different techniques, engines and development environments.
  4. Related to the collaboration in the development and testing of multiplatform applications, from the interface to the programming of processes and services, including their packaging and distribution as well as all associated help and documentation.
    • Participation in the development of the interface for multiplatform applications using standard visual components or defining custom components.
    • Creation of general aids and context sensitive aids for the developed applications, using specific tools.
    • Creation of tutorials and user manuals, installation and configuration of applications desenvolupades.Creació of application packages for distribution with auto processes and with all the help and assistance elements incorporats.
    • Application of multi-threaded programming techniques and communication mechanisms usually used to develop network applications, assessing their impact.
    • Participation in the definition and preparation of the documentation and other components used in the user assistance protocols of the application.
  5. Related to participation in the process of implementation and adaptation of resource management and business planning systems (ERP-CRM), analyzing their characteristics and assessing the changes made.
    • Recognition of the functionality of the ERP-CRM systems in a real business case, evaluating the utility of each of its modules.
    • Participation in the installation and configuration of ERP-CRM systems.
    • Evaluation and analysis of the process of adapting an ERP-CRM system to the requirements of a real business assumption.
    • Intervention in the management of the information stored in ERP-CRM systems, guaranteeing its integrity.
    • Collaboration in the development of custom components for an ERP-CRM system, using the programming language provided by the system.