Workbook in work center



Duration FCT: 353 hours

Professional and work environment

This professional works primarily in companies in the service sector that are dedicated to the marketing, assembly and repair of equipment, networks and microcomputer services in general, as part of the computer support of the organization or entities of any size and productive sector that use microcomputer systems and data networks for their management. The most relevant occupations and jobs are the following:

  • Technician instal·ladorreparador of computer equipment.
  • Computer support technician.
  • Data network technician.
  • Repairer of peripherals of microcomputer systems.
  • Commercial Microinformatics.
  • Telecare operator.
  • System operator.

Activity plan

Formation activities

  1. Related to the hardware and its maintenance.
    • Installation, configuration and hardware update. [Environment preparation, verification of connections, differentiation between hardware and software components, analysis of installation manuals]
    • Preparation of installation documentation [Connection diagrams and configuration of the different devices involved]
  2. Related to the installation, configuration and update of the operating systems.
    • Installation and configuration of operating systems. [Hardware analysis, interpretation of documentation, implementation of the system]
    • Performing basic operations of administration and maintenance of operating systems. [Configuration of computer access to the network, realization of domain management tasks and directory services, sharing of resources, integration of other work stations and services in the fixed and mobile network]
    • Preparation of documentation [implementation of the operating system oriented to the end user, most common incidents]
  3. Related to exploitation and network services
    • Implementation of the network [Configuration of the elements, maintenance of the information, use of the diagnostic software, interpretation of the incidents, communication with the user]
    • Installation and configuration of network services [Implementation of the Internet access software, configuration of the e-mail service and transmission of files, configuration of the services of web pages and proxi]
  4. Related to office applications.
    • Implementation of office and corporate applications [Documentation of the implementation, templates and forms of entry and exit, backup copies, operating guides, support in customer service]
    • Execution of mail management operations and electronic agenda
    • Manipulation, capture and edition of digital images and video.
  5. Related to web applications
    • Use of web office tools.
    • Implementation of content managers and distance learning portals.